26 outubro, 2008

Bunny baby

Once upon a time... a bunny baby...
So little and funny!!


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Shabby-Roses-Cottage disse...

Dear Cristina,
here is the recipe:

1x vanilla sugar
2 egg yolk
300gr. flour
80gr. ground nuts
50gr icing sugar
150gr. rasberry (or other) jam

At first mix the margarine with the sugar. Then give the rest into the margarine/sugar mix.
Please part it in 4. Each part you must roll and cut it in ca. 2cm lillte scraps ;o)
Now make balls out of it. Each ball need now a little dent.
Ca. 20min in bakind oven with 160°C.
When the cookies are cold please sprinkle it with the icing sugar.
Make the jam warm and then you can fill up a little bit into the dents.

Very easy but sooooo yummy :o)
I wish you many fun...
Lovely greetings,Patricia

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