22 janeiro, 2010

Limited Neo Blythe "Ice Rune" ♥

Ice Rune lives in Iceland.
She enjoys art, music, and fashion.

Her dress has a cute balloon shape with snow crystal embroidery.
The light blue ribbon on the bosom adds a lovely snowy accent to the dress.
The white bear hat and muffler are so fluffy and cute!
Her light blue suede mittens and boots have a paw prints on the bottom.
The snowflake prints are also on her gray tights.

Her hair style is long wavy, blonde hair with bangs.
Her makeup is a brown eye shadow with pink lips and blush.
Her face type is Radiance, and skin type is Fair.
The color of the stand is blue.

【Face Type】Radiance
【Skin Type】Fair
【Make up】Eyeshadow:Brown/Lip:Pink/Brush:Pink
【Eye Color】Green(Left/stock)、pink(Front/stock)、Blue(Right/stock)、Light
Blue(Front/Special Color)
【Hair Color】Blond

16 janeiro, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti - Help Children!

Help children affected by the earthquake in Haiti


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