22 abril, 2010

CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe "Dear LeLe Girl" ♥

Limited edition of 4000 dolls

I win TWO dolls in the lottery !

Dear LeLe Girl loves handmade and contemporary country style.
She spends everyday wearing handmade clothes.
She is an all natural girl who loves simple and comfortable clothing. Dear LeLe Girl will take you on a journey to the heart of the countryside.

Her fashion is a natural dress with tunic.
The dress is natural bluish green, and there is a lace at the skirt as a trim.
The sleeves are gathered and bell at the end.
The light beige fabric is used for the tunic, and there is a lovely bouquet embroidery on it.
A pink velvet ribbon is sew on the embroidery, just like to bind the flowers.
The ribbons on the shoulder as a strap and pink stitches add a cute accent to the natural looking tunic.

For her feet, she chose light pink leg warmers and light brown clogs.
Her hair style is a red long wavy hair with bangs.
The lacy headband and flower pins dress her hair very nicely.
Her make up is blue eye shadow with pink blush and lips.
The special eyelashes add an extra cuteness to her look!
Her face type is Radiance, and her skin type is Natural.
Her stand is blue green with a special gold stool.

[ Face Type ] Radiance
[ Skin Type ] Natural
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- blue, Lips- pink, Blush- pink
[ Eye Color ] Light brown (left / special color), blue (center / stock), pink (right / stock), and light green (center / special color)
[ Hair Color ] Light brown (Red hair)
[ Nails ] No Enamel
[ Earrings ] no earrings

The set includes: Doll, dress, tunic, headband, leg warmers, 2 hair pins, shoes, underwear, special collection card, and stand.


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Las Creaciones de Boricua disse...

What a pretty doll!!!!!

LUCY disse...

Son preciosas, que lindas son, me encantan las muñequitas, saludos

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